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Our services are tailored to your needs based on our 3 key pillars

We believe that one size fits NONE

Our claim is to base our consulting services on evidence. In other words: We generate data which we use to deduce strategies in the field of D&I management. Or as a wise person once said: If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

This is why we have developed the Inclusion Indicator, the most extensive tool currently available on the market to ensure the analysis of the current state of D&I in your organization.

Advisory on-demand

We believe that one size fits none.

Whether you are a large corporate, SME or fresh start-up, our consultancy will find the tailor-made solution for you in order to push your D&I agenda forward.

We offer monthly retainers and various service packages according to your individual needs and are happy to work as one team with your D&I managers, ambassadors and stakeholders.

Full outsourcing

You lack the internal resources and expertise for D&I management that will truly incite and drive change?

We have both and will take it from here. And it doesn’t matter where you are starting from, as long as you want to head into the right direction.

We offer initial evaluations, the development of strategies, roadmaps and KPI sets, ESG positionings, paths to cultural change and meaningful content and communication.


process of creating a culture where every employee is treated equitably and with respect, feels valued and belonging


a sign that shows or suggests the condition or existence of something


The Inclusion Indicator is a digital tool for organizations, regardless of their size, industry or branch. It serves as a compass that sets the direction and lets you know where your inclusion journey should and should not go. Based on the results of the Inclusion Indicator, you will know where you currently stand in the area of D&I and which fields should receive increased attention in the future.



The Inclusion Indicator measures diversity & inclusion in 4 areas. The maximum achievable score in each quadrant is 90, summing up to a 360 degree assessment of your organization.

01 | Data Base & Transparency

How is data already being worked with, what data is available? What happens with the data?
How transparent is the organization?

02 | Processes & Structures

How are processes and structures designed – for example, in the areas of HR, strategy and communication – to advance inclusion or to hinder it?

03 | Brand & Communications

How inclusive is your company’s external and internal communication? Is diversity a topic at all? How attractive is the organization’s (employer) brand?

04 | Culture & Values

How is day-to-day cooperation in the organization shaped and experienced? Which culture-creating actions reinforce inclusion, which counteract it?


Julia Kreyler-Valsky​

Julia has many years of multidisciplinary experience in the field of inclusion. She lead the D&I team at Erste Group Bank with its 45,000 employees in Central and Eastern Europe. Previously, she was in charge of education and gender equality at the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris. She also served as head of cabinet at the Austrian Ministry of Education and spokesperson to the Austrian Federal Minister for Women’s Affairs. Her first job took her to the United Nations in New York as communications attaché. Julia graduated from the Diplomatic Academy Vienna and holds an MA in Public Administration from the London School of Economics. She also has an MA in Media and Communications and a PhD in Sociology (both University of Vienna).

Julia’s passion is her family, including 3 kids, 2 cats, a dog and an American quarter horse. With the two-legged members of the crowd, she loves to travel the world by caravan and spend hours together at the campfire. Born in Vienna, Julia lived in New York and Paris and will eventually move to New Zealand when retired (the exact date is not set yet).

Seon-Young Rang

After her studies in Journalism & Communication Science as well as Global History & Global Studies (both University of Vienna), Sonny started her career in the classic advertising industry before moving to key account management and moving image production for the digital communications sector at VICE (now Virtue), including for T-Mobile (now Magenta Telekom), BMW and Vöslauer. After her return to classic brand management at Jung von Matt/Donau and positions in strategic planning and change communications, she worked in communication and diversity management at Erste Group Bank AG since 2019 and was most recently responsible for the D&I management of Erste Group’s IT arm, Erste Digital, in addition to her role in the group.
As she likes to say, Sonny speaks 4.5 languages (unfortunately her French hasn’t significantly improved in the past 20 years). Her most favorite movie of all time is Heat and she loves junk food, specifically french fries. She was born and raised in Vienna, but wouldn’t mind living in Barcelona part-time, because of the art, the culture, the food variety and the vino natural.


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